About Us

We are very proud of our collection which includes some of the most beautiful and exclusive villas in Mykonos. All hand-picked properties, built with stylish and luxurious character for an unforgettable holiday, for a family, a group of friends or just a romantic interlude for two.

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For so many years we live in Mykonos Island and we take pride in knowing the island well and have close working relationships direct with our owners, many of whom are also good friends and are only a phone call away. Our personal service and advice is based on past experience and with matching the most suitable luxury villa in Mykonos for your requirements for a super vacation.

Our private villas list is even widening embracing some stunning properties in every part of Mykonos and we will be delighted to assist you, so If you want to find what you are looking for, just contact with us.

We are committed to offer you the kind of holiday that we would like to take ourselves.

Enjoy our website and we hope we have the pleasure of your company this year.